Can You See Yourself Here?

Are you an artist who wishes to immerse yourself in a rural space? Do you need to take some much needed time away from the busyness of everyday life, to focus on your artistic practice?  

If you are interested in a 6-day, self-guided residency that will further your work that is at any stage in its development – please review the call for applications

Our small spaces are purpose built to support a creative residency, far away from the hustle and bustle of city centres, scheduling conflicts and competing priorities.

Day Use Studios

For the summer of 2024, two tiny studios will be in use. They are for day-use only. ON THE WATER and ON THE ROCK are both equipped with a workspace and modest furnishings. The tiny studios are not fitted with electrical or plumbing.

For that reason, the locations of the two studios are within walking distance of Township owned & operated facilities that do offer restroom facilities. The ON THE WATER tiny floating studio is near the government docks and the Northern Ontario Sportfishing Centre (NOSFC) in Sioux Narrows. The ON THE ROCK (8’ x 20’) studio is at the head of a trail, tucked in the woods, and just up the hill from the Travel Centre in Nestor Falls, ON.

All artists can use the libraries in both communities. If your residency is in Nestor Falls, you are welcome to recharge and connect to wi-fi at the Travel Centre. And, if your residency is in Sioux Narrows, you can plug in and power up at the Northern Ontario Sportfishing Centre.


ON THE WATER is a tiny studio on a floating platform. The floating studio is intended to connect the user to water, one of the four elements of nature and is designed/ constructed to allow the user to freely relate to the outdoors. It is ideally situated close to shops, stoves, and amenities in the small community of Sioux Narrows.


The artist residency site is perched on top of an undulating bedrock surface at the head of a prominent walking trail for the community of Nestor Falls. How the building touches the site is very important, the intention, to follow the changing elevation of the rock, making delicate connections that seem to float above the surface. Natural light floods the interior of the space, and the warmth of the cedar projects through the polycarbonate wall system.

The ON THE ROCK studio is just south of Nestor Falls where you will find shops, a grocery store, and the amenities of a rural, community in northwestern Ontario.